Friday, October 24, 2008

Duchess is flying South for the Winter

Who is this? And, why are they on my blog? Parents drive you nuts!
This is my Mom doing what she will being doing in a few days! Beach, books, and sunshine!

This is my cousin Pucci being weighed in! Wow that much? This is me with my best friend Will. No I am on the left, Pucci is on the right!

Well Season is winding down and this is my last weekend at Point Pleasant Inn & Resort. I will soon be enjoying the Florida Sunshine, sand between my toes, yes dogs have toes, and the waves crashing over my head. Yes, I can swim.

This weekend is Roger Williams Homecoming for parents. The parents really don't want to come and the students really don't want to see their parents, but it is a tradition, a ritual, a must do and yes they will get through it.

Mommy is packing to leave for Florida and telling Sharon and Fran all the last minute things to do. We have lots of guests checking in and Steve and Tony are busy "buttoning up the outside" for the winter.

The only person around here that even knows I exist is my best friend Will. I can always count on him. But, he did that really awful, really terrible, really, really mean thing to me this morning! He gave me a bath! Dad said you can NOT fly in the same plane as me if you don't get that doggy stink off of you! It is not stink it is just my cologne.

Well, actually Anna knows I am because I keep getting in the way of her broom, or mop or ? But she loves me!

Let's see let me tell you about my week. Well, the weather has been beautiful so Mommy has been letting me run and run in the big yard. But in the mornings and nights I have to wear my coat. And, I am so cute in my coat. Sometimes I wear sweaters but in New England I wear my navy blue sailor coat with the red collar and brass buttons.

The Campanelli's are coming in, along with the Sirianna's, what is this an Italian get away? And, the Shallets are coming too. I like the Shallets they come by all the time and they like me too.

There a nice girl coming named Lauren. She is really pretty and pays lots of attention to me, Duchess the Rock Star Dog.

Well, I'll write next week from North Carolina from the beach house. We always stay there a few days and visit my Grandmother Hafer and my Mamaw Arnold and enjoy the weather and then go to Florida. Will write soon.


Duchess the Inn Dog

Friday, October 3, 2008

LifeMax Dinner

Mommy had a big, big LifeMax dinner party on Tuesday night. Our friend Sharon helped mommy and made real Jamaican Food. Of course I didn't get to eat any!

Sharon is from Jamaica and has been mommy's friend for a long long time.

Well it is getting cold around here and there is a lot of packing up to do. My best friend Will has brought in all the pool furniture and we are "buttoning up the hatch", daddy says.

We have some very 'portant guests staying with us from Italy right now. Mr. Mark from Rome. His friends Bob and Debbie came too and they were really busy at Roger Williams University.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last Tuesday, Mom and I were invited to Sir Polo's Birthday Bash. I was the only female doggie there. Wow, what a blast. I am going to tell you all about it in my next blog, after the photos of the party arrive!

My Uncle Chris Hafer came up for a long weekend. He really likes me and loves to play ball with me. But, he doesn't like it when I get on the tennis court when he and Dad are playing a real game. But, he plays the piano really really well and lets me hang out with him when he is practising.

We Dad and I are going to go flying so I'll have to catch up later.

Duchess Darling Molly

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Shower at the Inn

My friends, Mary and Tom Dunn with Dad.

Mom and Will did a big wedding shower last weekend. I have never seen so many pretty girls in one room in my life. I wasn't suppose to be downstairs, but I had to sneak and take a peek.

Just look at all the wonderful food they fixed but wouldn't let me have!

Why don't you have a party or shower at the Inn? It is the best place ever.


The weekend was great

Wow the weekend went way too fast for us dogs! My cousin Pucci, a "pom" came to Point Pleasant Inn to visit me this weekend. Pucci brought her Mom, my Auntie Heather too.

Pucci and I played and played and today I am tired. Pucci and Heather have to get on a big train and go back to New York City. I've been to NYC, but I really didn't like it. The only place a dog can go to pee are the dog parks and they are smelly.

I know I am kinda spoiled because I have a ginormous yard here and prefer my yard to any park.

Pucci is a little sissy though. She is smaller than me and doesn't like to run around as much. She has something called arthritis in her hip and she complains about pain almost all the time!

Dad is coming home today. Don't know why when Dad leaves Auntie Heather comes and when Dad comes home Auntie leaves?

Mom made vegetables from the garden last night and I ate so much I thought I would pop. Mom is a great cook and I am allowed to have vegetables. Pucci couldn't.

We have some nice guests staying now and they brought their bicycle built for two! Never seen one of those before. My favorite guests were here this weekend, Jennifer and Patrick, but they didn't bring their daughter Phoebe. I like Phoebe a lot.

I heard my Mom say her friend Sharon was coming from Jamaica to help manage the Inn until the end of Season. I love Sharon, but she doesn't let me sleep with her. Go figure?

Mom is kinda busy today she has a meeting with a "soap man" and then with her LifeMax friend, Nila at 2, plus she is taking Auntie Heather and Pucci to the train. Don't guess she will have time to take me for a big, big walk.

Stay tuned for more info on what is happening at PPI.

Duchess the Manor Dog

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well let me tell you about....


Yesterday, Mommy and Will hosted BankNewport all day long for a big meeting. They didn't want me to attend so I had to hide on third floor most of the day. When I did get out for necessary reasons, I escaped and went over and told all those Branch Managers and CEO's hello. They like me a lot, but oh no I couldn't stay downstairs, Will put me back upstairs all alone.

Today was another day that became my least favorite activity! I had to go to the groomer. My groomer is Tidy Tails in Bristol and they do a good job with my haircuts. I do look like a movie star now with my new cut and I smell real nice too. But, when Will discovered that the groomer had cut my little toenail too much on my right foot he told Mommy.

Mommy was so upset with Tidy Tails and called them about this near death experience for me and about all my pain and suffering. Actually, I don't feel a thing because that foot is still paralyzed from my stroke caused by a coyote attack. But, Mommy still put medicine on it, with a clean white bootie and taped it on like I am a little baby.

I am getting really excited about this weekend. My Aunt Heather is coming up from New York and bringing my little cousin, Pucci the Pomeranian. This should be a really great time for us to play and play.

What are you doing this weekend?

Duchess the Inn Dog

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Best Friend! Will, driving my boat of course.

All shook up!

Can you believe I forgot to post a photo of the beautimus Duchess?

This is me, Duchess the Rock Star in Florida on my own little boat. It is 18 feet long and I let Will drive it but I am the Admiral of this Ship!